Our colleagues in Remember and Rejoice! are Schola Cantorum of Virginia, the F. Ludwig Diehn Chorale of ODU and the I. Sherman Greene Chorale. To learn more about these organizations and concerts, please click on the names below to visit their websites. You might become new audience members or even new singing members:

 Schola Cantorum of Virginia 
 F. Ludwig Diehn Chorale of ODU 
 I. Sherman Greene Chorale 

Hear us together on Monday, April 28, 7:30 p.m., Attucks Theater, 1010 Church Street, Norfolk VA. Call the Virginia Arts Festival for tickets at 757-282-2822.

Diehn Chorale, Old Dominion University

I. Sherman Greene Chorale

Schola Cantorum of Virginia
Eastern Virginia Brass Trio (Marlene Ford, Robert Ford, Wendell Banyay) - photo by Steve Whacker

Click here for a PDF of this poster designed by Pam Getty.

Eastern Virginia Brass and Young Audiences of Virgina

Young Audiences of Virginia continues to present performances in schools. To schedule the Eastern Virginia Brass, call 466-7555.

EVB Brass and Organ Concerts


  • Grand Choer Dialogue by Gigout
  • Sir Patrick Spaens by Waddell
  • Rigaudon by Campra
  • Let Nothing by Brahms
  • Contrapunctus IX by Bach
  • Prayer by Dixon
  • Canzona duo by Gabrieli
  • A Hornpype by Aston
  • Septimi tempi by Dinda
  • Symphonie "Tocatta" by Widor
  • Stars amd Stripes by Sousa

Times of some performing may change from those listed above, but will be updated in future calendars. Any questions regarding specific performances may be made by contacting Marlene Ford at 757-340-6406 or

Your tax deductible contribution keeps brass music alive. Contact Marlene Ford at 757-340-6406 or for information.